Dear ALL!

ONLYTEC is a leading producer of post-molding automation systems and auxiliaries for caps/closures and preforms manufacturers.

Company was founded in 2003 in Shanghai, PRC.

Since 2003 ONLYTEC has established itself as a trustable and professional partner, this is evidenced by a number of global customers on Chinese and international markets.

We spending a lot of time in research and development, keep up with new trends in closures and preforms industry.

Our post-molding systems meets the latest technology, modern requirements and high quality.

ONLYTEC also provide:

Turnkey solution

Factory planning

Technical consultation

Non-standard systems

Nowadays ONLYTEC team has almost a hundred skilled employees, which are ready to offer quality made machines, leading industry solutions and good service.

We will be glad to be your partner!

Major Client

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